The 45 to 60 min Session

condom-lightAlthough the 45 to 60 minute intervention feels like a fun and casual conversation to the client, it is structured into 6 components that are tailored to each client's needs.

Component 1: Build Rapport (5 mins):  The Peer Health Advisor meets the client and uses different strategies (e.g., discusses sports, current events, etc.) to build rapport and establish a non-judgmental climate.

Component 2: Discuss Condom Errors (10 mins): The Peer Health Advisor asks the client to complete a short survey with questions about condom use errors. He reviews the survey and gives the client positive feedback about what he is doing well and addresses errors he has made when using condoms in the past.

Component 3: Discuss Negative Condom Experiences, Condom Negotiation Strategies, and National HIV Rates (10 mins): The Peer Health Advisor and client have an informal discussion about experiences that the client has with condoms (e.g., tight fit, afraid to introduce because girlfriend will suspect him of cheating, etc.). They discuss condom negotiation skills. The Peer Health Advisor presents an HIV pie chart that shows how African Americans are disproportionately affected by HIV. They discuss the HIV rates.

Component 4: Condom Application Practice (10 mins): The Peer Health Advisor shows the client how oil-based lubricants destroy condoms. Using a set of instructions on a card, the Peer Health Advisor demonstrates how to properly apply a condom and lube using a penile model. The client then practices putting the condom and lube on the penile model until he has done it correctly three or four times.

Component 5: Address Erection and Access Issues (5 mins): The Peer Health Advisor describes that erection loss is normal and strategies to overcome it. They also discuss the importance of having a supply of good fitting condoms on hand before sex occurs.

Component 6: Client Chooses 25+ Condoms and 25+ Packs of Lubricant (10 mins): The client opens up and feels 15+ different types of condoms and lubricants. The Peer Health Advisor describes features that help the client find a few that might fit and feel the best for him. The client fills a small bag with any condoms/lubricant he chooses (25+ of each).

Total Time ~50 minutes