Why FOF?

FOF stands out from other interventions because it is a low cost, high impact and  sustainable intervention that focuses on correct and consistent condom use. It is simple to implement and maintain. FOF is brief (only 45-60 minutes) and a single session, so clients are not required to come back to the clinic multiple times in order for the intervention to have an impact on their behaviors. The intervention is a fun, casual, but structured conversation that a client has with a trained peer. The conversation is tailored for each client and "sex-positive" in nature, which means that it is non-judgmental of the client's lifestyle and history. FOF is evidence-based, which means that it is proven to be effective through a comprehensive research study. It targets young African-American men who have sex with women (MSW), a group that receives very little attention from the STD and HIV prevention communities given the uneven share of the HIV burden they carry.