The Benefits for Clients

FOF reduces the transmission of HIV/STDs. It enhances clients' quality of life by providing them with the skills to prevent infecting or re-infecting themselves and their partners with an STD or HIV and infecting their partners.

Clients enjoy participating in FOF because they have the opportunity to connect with a caring and knowledgeable peer who is interested and believes in their futures. It provides them with a safe environment to practice properly applying condoms and lubricant and talk through any potential barriers to consistent use.They also get a wide variety of high-end lubricants and condoms for free. 

As a result of participating in FOF, clients worry and concern when having sex is reduced, making it a more enjoyable experience. It also supports clients to adapt a safer sex lifestyle. FOF empowers them to be a part of the collective action to reverse the high HIV/STD prevalence in their demographic group.