Implementation Support

CAI is the only agency that offers the training and technical assistance necessary to implement the intervention with fidelity, having previously piloted the program at four sites in different cities across the United States. For agencies interested in implementing FOF to improve correct and consistent condom use among their clients, CAI provides the innovative and tailored services, available in the menu below.

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Implementation Support Services

  • implementation manualThe Implementation Manual: A guide for agencies implementing the intervention, the Implementation Manual contains information to help agency administrators through pre-implementation planning and set-up, the implementation of the intervention, and continued monitoring and evaluation of the intervention once it has been implemented. It also contains a Facilitator's Guide, which contains the actual content of the intervention itself, as well as any and all materials necessary for intervention implementation (forms, timelines, templates, marketing materials, etc.).

    • Agency Readiness Checklist: The elements that need to be identified, in place, or in pre-implementation stages, in order to be prepared to implement the program.
    • Pre-Implementation Services: CAI is able to provide technical assistance regarding pre-implementation planning and provide support to ensure that FOF is the right fit for the agency, including a review of strategies and approaches to identification and hiring of PHA.
  • natishe2012Training Services: The 3-day training is designed to be delivered to a group of 10-12 people at a time. Agencies send their PHA(s) and manager(s) to the training, which either takes place at CAI's offices or at a central location, depending on the number of agencies interested in implementing the intervention in the area. During this training, PHAs and managers develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to deliver the intervention with fidelity, including identifying agency-specific implementation and monitoring strategies.

    Training Materials: We will provide the Participant Training Manual, Training DVD and Training PowerPoint Presentations. The Participant Training Manual contains all the handouts and worksheets that accompany the training. The training DVD is a one-hour video that has an introduction from the original researcher, Dr. Crosby, and shows the 45-60 minute intervention in its entirety. The video is used in the training and can be used to review the intervention as a post-training activity. The PowerPoint presentations accompany the training and contain valuable information for Peer Health Advisors and their supervisors.

  • training photoTA Services: CAI will provide technical assistance before, during, and after training, to ensure that fidelity to the original research is maintained and to help address any questions or challenges agencies face during the implementation process. Technical assistance can be delivered via e-mail, over the phone, or through a site-visit by one of our TA specialists.

    TA Materials: TA services include the provision of the FOF TA Guide. The FOF TA Guide was developed from the lessons learned following pilot testing of the intervention in clinic sites. It addresses common questions raised about implementing FOF, strategies for possible barriers and challenges, and key recommendations from the pilot clinic sites as they completed preparation, training and began implementing the intervention.