FOF Materials Development

In spring 2010, CAI was funded to translate the FOF intervention into materials that are to be used for the mass dissemination of the program under the CDC's Replication of Effective Programs (REP) and Diffusion of Evidence-Based Interventions (DEBI) branches. Developing the FOF intervention materials from the original study protocols involved significant guidance from the original researcher Dr. Crosby. Community partners were also engaged at different points in the translation process to provide input into the intervention materials. Community partnerships included two community advisory boards (CAB) consisting of members of the target population and STD clinic managers in the Southern and Northern US and persons who are experienced in HIV/STD training to participate in the pilot Training of Facilitators (TOF).

From August 1st through October 28th, 2011, the FOF materials were piloted at four case study agencies located in different communities across the United States. STD clinics in the Bronx, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Fulton County, GA, and Montgomery, AL implemented FOF providing CAI with detailed feedback about the feasibility of implementing the developed materials, delivering training, and materials' acceptability among clinic patients.

The final FOF package developed by CAI includes: a) visual aids used to illustrate the National HIV epidemic as well as posters used in the clinic waiting areas depicting images of young African American men and women with messages promoting condom use, b) Starter Kit for agency decision-makers to review and learn more about the intervention and what type of resources are required to implement with fidelity, c) an Implementation Manual, Technical Assistance Guide, marketing pamphlets, d) Training of Facilitator's (TOF) Curriculum and an accompanying training video that describes the purpose of the intervention as well as demonstrates how the peer health advisor (PHA) should conduct the 45-60 minute session with a participant, e) Participant Handbook which provides materials for training participants to become familiar with forms and assessments they will use when implementing the intervention. The participant handbook is introduced during the scheduled Training of Facilitators and accompanies the TOF curriculum.

FOF will be posted on the CDC's website in 2013.