History of FOF

FOF was developed by Dr. Richard Crosby at the University of Kentucky. As a former high school sex ed teacher, Dr. Crosby believes that young people are being robbed of a decent sex education. From his experiences in the classroom, he learned that it is very important for young people to spend time, one-on-one, understanding how condoms are used. This is because many people don't intuitively understand how to use condoms and therefore don't enjoy having sex when using them. In order to address this, Dr. Crosby developed an intervention that focuses on respect for clients, teaches them that sex can feel good when using condoms, demonstrates correct condom use, and promotes practice.

Dr. Crosby chose young African American men who have sex with women as the target population for two reasons: 1) African Americans carry a disproportionate burden of the HIV epidemic 2) African American men who have sex with women is a group that often receives little attention from the HIV and STD prevention communities.